Decolonising Identity is a series of podcasts exploring the different ways the higher education sector, institutions and individuals are discussing and understanding structural race inequality and the complexity of identity.

In the third episode in this podcast series, Sukhi Kainth, Senior Advisor, Advance HE is joined by Dr Gurnam Singh, Associate Professor of Equity of Attainment at Coventry University and Robiu Salisu, Student Inclusion Officer at Bristol University, who share their views on the role of allyship in tackling structural racism and what being an anti-racist advocate looks and feels like.

This episode was recorded on 25 January 2021.

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As part of our own process of continuous development, Advance HE has committed to evaluating how our work is applied in the sector and its overall impact on HE staff and institutions. We will be conducted a short survey in three months’ time to explore the impact of the Decolonising Identity podcast series. If you are interested in taking part in this survey, please register your interest.

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